Hi Everyone! I wanted to start off my blog by doing an introduction post and giving some insight into why I started blogging and what all you can expect on When Life Gave Me Lemonade.

First off, I think putting all my crafts and concoctions into one place will give me lots of happies. And you too. Hopefully.

I chose my blog name because I started thinking of all the wonderful blessings we are given every day. I’m so thankful for my passion to create that I’ve been blessed with and it made me think of all the other great things in life! Sometimes life doesn’t give you lemons, it just gives you lemonade!! 

On my blog I’ll post the best crafts and recipes I come across and my helpful hints after trying them. I’m sure like most of you, you have hundreds of pins on Pinterest that you thought you’d never try. Well one day I finally started trying them out and haven’t looked back since! I have done the dirty work for you and found the directions that work the best and are the most helpful (because if you’re like me you need 1+1=2 type of directions). You can see all the pins that I’ll try someday on my Pinterest, so be sure to follow me! I’ll also be doing a few reviews of restaurants here and there, so stick around!

If you have questions feel free to comment or email me at chasinglemonade@gmail.com (I get hundreds of emails so I might not be able to respond right away/my inbox is empty and I’ll get back to you right away).


6 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • My crafts are never early and never late. They arrive precisely when I mean them to. (LOTR Movie reference…I actually considered looking this up in the books to see if it was in there because I knew you would know it better from there 😛 )

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