Snooze & Celebrations

Happy Birthday America! I hope you’re having a wonderful Fourth of July! Birthdays, celebrations, and fireworks, oh my!

Well speaking of celebrations yesterday was a fun day for me! I went to one of my favorite restaurants (Snooze) for a late celebration tradition for my birthday, and then went downtown for the Civic Center’s Fourth of July Event to celebrate America’s birthday!

For those of you who haven’t been to Snooze let me give you the run down on everything you’re missing. Snooze is an A.M Eatery that has about 5 locations around Colorado, and one in San Diego. They open early and close around 2:30pm. “Get to the point, hows the food?!” you ask! The food is phenomenal. They have such unique pancakes, like the sweet potato pancakes (pictured below) and their blueberry danish pancakes (pictured second below). They’re the size of your head!


If that is too big for you, they do have a Pancake Flight, which allows you to select any 3 pancakes of a smaller size. I choose 2 peanut butter cup pancakes and 1 sweet potato pancake, my 2 favorites!


It’s very modern and edgy inside! Fun colors and a vibrant feel. They also serve “Brewmosas,” which if you appreciate the flavors of craft beer, you’ll appreciate their inclusion of our own Colorado New Belgium’s Trippel Brewmosa. ANDDDDDD they have Happy Birthday Pancakes!


Tom’s favorite, and one of mine too (the slightly healthier alternative to pancake heart attacks), is the Spuds Delux! It is the most flavorful concoction; don’t even try and compare it to something you would order at IHOP  or Village Inn…whole new ballpark.


Now all good things have some bad that comes along with them. If you’re going to Snooze on the weekends, plan on waiting at LEAST 20 minutes to sit down. So go before you are starving…otherwise you might actually starve to death while waiting a century to be seated. I’d rate it’s prices at a LITTLE above average, but definitely worth the extra cost for the freshness and flavors. And finally, it closes at 2:30 PM. So while you can be at other breakfast restaurants at 2:30 AM, Snooze will be snoozing.


The second half of the day consisted of the Independence Day celebration they have at Civic Center in Denver! Best part? It’s free and accompanied by a performance by the Colorado Symphony. Perfect ending to a perfect day. Hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July!

DSC06962 DSC06985 DSC06990 DSC06992 DSC06993

It seemed appropriate to me to do a wine bottle craft of Starry Night, since everyone will spend a lot of time watching lights in the sky! Come see me Saturday for the Starry Night Wine Bottle craft!


2 thoughts on “Snooze & Celebrations

    • That was fun! You know what wasn’t fun, when we had to decide between the radio or the heat in the winter because you wanted to save gas! 😛

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