Candle Holders Part 2: Storybook Pages

You came back! So happy you’re here for part 2!

When I was at the Dollar Store buying these candle holders, it was just so funny that I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. This little German lady and her friend came in and had these thick accents and were talking at the top of their lungs to each other. It was just so adorable because the friend was yelling at the other German lady, “Mini! Everything is $1!! I know it’s priced otherwise but that’s what it was before it was here!! $1 for everything Mini!!” Oh Mini. It’s the little things in life that make you smile 🙂

This one is even better because this one only cost me $4 to do the whole thing. You even could cut it down if you already have candle holders, jars or books you’re willing to put the scissors to. It’s essentially a story as you look around the candle holder. This would be a perfect decoration for your kid’s room, and better yet, if they break it you don’t have to feel like they broke your bank as well. Of course I would never forgive anyone who broke my creations, but I can see you being the bigger person.

I also think these look super cute on the patio or on a coffee table somewhere. They are whimsical. Another fun thing I learned about in the process of getting these ready, are that those fake candles that just glow actually work quite well. They don’t give off that yummy scent, but sometimes you’re just looking to add a cozy glow to the room. I didn’t use those types of candles in the pictures, but I like the idea of them! The lady at the cash register asked me if those fake candles melted candles…I mostly looked at her confused. I’m sure she was trying to get to if they melt those scented wax melts. And the answer is definitely no. The “candle” does not get hot at all.


What you need:

  • Candle Holders
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Storybook pages (Make sure you don’t use story book paper that is glossy, otherwise it won’t shine through)


1. Very similar to yesterday. When selecting which areas of pages to use, pick ones that have images on one side and text on the other. Put a few images facing the outside and a few facing the inside. All of the pages will be mod podged to the outside of the holder though.


2.Measure horizontally around the candle holder, to see how much paper it will take to cover it. Measure from top to bottom to see how long you need to cut the paper vertically. If there are little ridges at the top of the candle holder, measure so that your paper stops right below that rim.

3. Spread a thin coat of mod podge over the candle holder where you are going to start, about an inch wide. Press the paper on. Add more mod podge in 2 inch sections and smooth the paper around as you go. You are not using strips here. You are merely folding the paper around the candle holder.

4. Rub out air bubbles as you go.

You did it! All done!!


They look cute even when there is not a candle lite too!

DSC07571DSC07592 DSC07600


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