Birthday Wreath


Did I tell you we have some new neighbors? The nest is actually on a lower branch so I have a good view of their home. This is the momma…I think…they seem to look very similar.


I’ve warned them to stay away from the ground, as we have a little hunter in the family. Lakai shows no sympathy on adorable woodland creatures. Some of you might now about when she killed a squirrel and dragged it under my parents bed. Or when she killed a rat and dropped it at my feet. We were all just thrilled…………………


Since Tom’s sister’s birthday is today, I thought it would be good timing to post the Birthday Wreath! Happy Birthday Michelle!

This idea is from The Creative Homemaker and was so very simple and fun! I love the way it came out!


What You Need:

  • Styrofoam wreath (I used a 14″ one I believe)
  • Balloons (about 230- the dollar store sells packs of 25 mixed colors, and then you can get packs of 12 in specific colors at Walmart)
  • Ribbon (I used bundles of mixed colored ribbon bows, and cut them)
  • Floral pins (250- they come in packs of 100 for $1 at Walmart)
  • Floral wire
  • Scrapbook materials for sign –  or buy a pre-made Happy Birthday sign


1. Take all the balloons out of the bags and get all the curls of ribbon ready. Grab a string of ribbon and a balloon, and stick the floral pin through the middle of the the two into the wreath. I laid the balloon on the wreath, then the ribbon string and stuck the pin in. I liked the ribbon being on top. Repeat. I left a few inches blank on the back since it’s against the wall.

2. I wanted to option to hang the wreath from something other than wrapping the hook around it, so I created a little hanger. I wrapped floral wire in several layers around the wreath and twisted it at the ends. Then I created a circle that I looped through, doing the same twisting of several layers.


This is what it looks like with the hook:


Make sure it’s nice and full, with alternating colors, like this:


3. Next you need to pick the paper you want for the very back of the sign, and then the front strip of the sign. I used some fun sparkle paper from Hobby Lobby, and then bright yellow to go on top.


4. If you’re buying a pre-made “Happy Birthday” sign, glue it to your paper and skip to step 7. I bought some 3D fabric “Happy Birthday” stickers, but I only used them for “Happy,” and added a few gems around them.


5. As for the “Birthday” part of the sign, I looked off the sign from the original blogger. She bought her sign at Hobby Lobby, so I looked off it to recreate it. I wanted all my letters to pop off the page, so I added thick double sided adhesives to each letter to attach them to the sign.


6. Here I have listed what I used, and how I made each letter. Below the list of descriptions you can see close ups of the letters.

B- Chipboard letter with some random design on it. I colored the green part on with colored pencil. Then I took black sharpie along the edges to make it stand out from the yellow.

I- I cut the “I” out of two different pink pages, using one as the “shadow.” On the front “I” I put dots of elmers and sprinkled some glitter. I “dotted” the “I” with a colored brad I had. That rhymed.

R- I cut out a balloon shape, and added a bigger version behind it so the yellow didn’t blend with the background. I had a fun letter “r” sticker that I put in the middle, and glued a ribbon string to the bottom.

T- I cut out a square. I used real red ribbon for the ribbon of the present to make the “T.” Then I lined it with elmers and poured glitter. The “bow” was a sticker I had.

H- I cut an “H” out of a magazine. Then I twisted little “wicks” out of floral wire and hot glued to the back. I cut the “flames” off some of the stickers that were in the pack that I used “Happy ” from. I cut them off the “Birthday” letters since I didn’t use those on this. It didn’t even ruin the letter fortunately. Add a dot of hot glue to the top of the wick and stick on.

D- I cut out a balloon shape, and colored some shading with colored pencils on it. I had a fun letter “D” sticker that I put in the middle, and glued a ribbon string to the bottom.

A- I cut out a party hat shape. Then I cut pieces of a contrasting color for stripes, and cut out the shape of a pom for the top.

Y- I covered a “Y” chipboard letter with elmers glue and poured Pixie Dust on it. It’s from the Disney store that I still have from when I was like 6 years old. I loved it so much I never wanted to use it. So now I still have it. Really logical, I know.


7. Now we are going to attach the sign. Twist some floral wire, several layers, into a long string and line up on the wreath where that side of the sign will meet it. Wrap the floral wire around the wreath in that spot and then put LOTS of hot glue on the back of the sign and press into the wire. Repeat on the other side.


8. Hang up and smile!



2 thoughts on “Birthday Wreath

  1. Michelle will love it, Chase! I think I would have liked one of those for my birthday. =) Nice job celebrating a special day. A gift one can keep forever! Love, Aunt Di

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