Glitter Vases


Are you ready to see something cool?? I snapped some pictures of the little bird parents in my tree feeding their babies! Have you ever seen this (not on Animal Planet)?? It’s so neat! Although, Tom’s mom told me they dive-bomb squirrels, so I was a little nervous of being attacked. But I risked my life for you to take these. You can see their little heads poking out with their beaks wide open. Unfortunately the sun shined in the lens a little bit in the second picture, but you can get the idea.


Remember when I told you about Lakai, the hunter? Well this is Aspen. And she wouldn’t notice the nest if it was right next to her, or above her as the case may be. Rabbits can run right in front of her and she won’t even notice. She’s not blind at all, just a dummy. I love all 100 lbs of her!


SO. The first step is admitting you have a problem. I have a problem. I am so completely and unbelievably addicted to glitter. If everything could be covered in glitter, I think life would be that much better. Except for the Twilight characters. They should not be covered in glitter.

What You Need:

  • Mod Podge
  • Masking tape or painters tape
  • Acrylic spray – pictured below
  • Paint Brush – medium size- nothing too big
  • Vase – I used a jar from Savers
  • Couple sheets of paper to collect glitter
  • Glitter – I got the pack below at the dollar store. They also had a black/silver pack (which I made as well, pictured at the end), red/purple pack and gold/yellow pack.

DSC07710Acrylic Spray


1. Tape off every other section. I am doing each color in one section, so I will use the 2nd, 4th and 6th pack of glitter in those blank sections first.


2. Paint on Mod Podge in small portions within the untaped section. Depending on your vase size, I don’t recommend painting the whole section at once, because you don’t want the Mod Podge to dry.

3. Pour on glitter very generously, over a sheet of paper. Flick the vase (in a taped area) with your finger to knock off excess glitter.


4. Roll the paper into a cone and funnel back into bag. It also works well to put an additional sheet of paper under the first one, and just use the funnel to reapply the glitter, so then it falls onto the 2nd sheet of paper. That way you don’t have to put the glitter back into the bag each time. If you use a big jar of glitter you won’t have to worry about that though because you’ll have plenty.


5. Do all 3 untaped sections. Then repeat over same 3 areas to ensure there is a solid coat of glitter and no patches. Paint over glitter with Mod Podge and pour on glitter etc.

6. Tape top by covering with a bag, so that when you spray with Acrylic coat, it doesn’t get inside the vase or get the top.


7. This is what it will look like at this point.


8. Let those sections dry thoroughly. Take off tape and paint Mod Podge in the unglittered sections and repeat the steps above.


9. Follow directions on Acrylic spray, and thoroughly cover vase. Let dry OUTSIDE for 24hrs. The glitter will be nice and solid. Also, in case you thought you would just ignore the part of the directions on the Acrylic can that says “spray outside,” you will regret that decision. One time I thought I’d open my window and do it inside. There are few ideas I’ve had that equal that one on stupidity. So basically, lay some newspaper down and spray it outside.


10. My jar had a silly little rooster on the top, which I intended to paint over, but I actually liked it by the end. You can store other things in it if you used a jar.


11. Otherwise, makes a great vase! I just cut a few things from the backyard but I also think those Tinted Poms that grocery stores always have would look really neat in this vase too!


Below is the black/silver version I did. On this one I didn’t tape each section off, I tried to blend each section together. This color scheme made for a sleek addition in the house, since I have a lot of silver and black.


I also thought since Fall is nearing, I would tie an orange bow and make it a Fall decoration!!



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