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How’s life!? Mine has been good, can’t complain! I did however just make an appointment for the dentist…not sure how “good” that is, but it’s got to be done at some point. I actually was reminded of a funny story after I got off the phone with them. It was about a year ago, and I needed to order new contacts. Seems easy enough? Well it would’ve been, if I didn’t accidentally call my dentist to order my contacts. They were just as confused as I was.

Tom and I just celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Sunday and went to a restaurant called EDGE. This restaurant had been one I’ve been wanting to go to for some time, and this was the perfect occasion.

Edge describes itself as “a progress American steakhouse.” It is in downtown Denver at the Four Seasons Hotel. Similar to the last restaurant review I did, you do not need to be a guest at the hotel to dine there. And let me tell you, YOU WANT TO DINE THERE!


When you first arrive, Edge offers complimentary valet to it’s guests. You bring the valet ticket to the hostess and she will validate it for you. If you are just stopping in to visit the bar, you receive 50% off valet parking. The valet workers are very professional and friendly and can direct you to the restaurant entrance. They even have an adorable umbrella rack outside for it’s guests in case it’s raining.


The ambiance of the restaurant is very cozy with dim lighting, and a very elegant feel. Be sure you dress up if you’re going here! They have a large and comfortable bar scene, which is the area you walk through to get to the main restaurant. They have unique decorations, lighting fixtures and furniture in the bar area to create a sleek and intimate feel. One of the decorations that stands out is their glassed in wine cellar, complete with exclusive and rare wine racks.


The smell inside is so amazing; it smells like the best steak you’ve ever had. It wasn’t a strong or overwhelming smell, but it was enough to make your taste buds water. The picture below shows the sleek and modern look of the inside. Unfortunately the flash detracted from the dim lighting, but I think I was mostly focusing on those really neat slanted pitchers I wanted!!


They even had a beautiful modern marble duel fireplace, pictured behind us.


First was bread and butter. But not just any bread and butter. The bread was designed in this neat sectional pattern, so you don’t have to fight it to get a piece off. Just twist and each node came off smoothly. The butter had wine infused sea salt sprinkled on top.


Next was the most important meal yet. The main course. They do have a bunch of apps and starters, but we thought that might be too much food. We each ordered 2 sea scallops, a filet mignon, accompanying sauce, a side, and a dessert. The presentation at Edge adds so much to the experience. You sort of feel like you don’t want to touch it because it looks so sleek and nice… But you quickly get over that because by this point you’re salivating. They cook your food to order so it takes about 25 minutes for it to be made and cooked fresh. The first thing Tom said was, “Oh my gosh, this is the best steak I have ever had in my entire life. We’re coming here every night!”


The scallops were cooked perfectly, with a slightly grilled lemon to top off your food with. I ordered the Béarnaise sauce with a side of Sautéed Forest Mushrooms.  Underneath the side dishes they even insert clippings of the menu to add decor to the presentation.


Tom ordered the “Edge” steak sauce and a side of Not Your Mama’s Twice Baked Potato. Admittedly, it really is unlike any twice baked potato you’ve ever had. It almost tastes like mac & cheese in a potato version. I continued to be impressed at how they could make even a twice baked potato look fancy.


The brush streak next to the scallops was a raspberry jelly sauce, and the swirl near the steak was a balsamic vinaigrette. While these were mostly for decoration they tasted good too.


Before we skip over it too fast, did you notice that nice little red pepper? Well our very sweet and attentive waitress let us know that those peppers are a little spicy, which was enough to deter Tom and I from trying it. Until the end. When we had eaten every last crumb off our plate. And it was just sitting there, staring at us. Judging us even, for being wimps. So we each cut off a tiny little bit off the end. Mmm. Good and not spicy! What was the waitress talking about? Cut off even more, no problems. So Tom and I cut off about a third of the pepper and pop it in our mouths. I go, “I don’t know why they even warn you about these, they probably end up wasting a lot of them because of tha—-ahhh.” Hot! Hot! Hot! Need more water. Can I order milk here? Why didn’t I even save a drop of my Béarnaise sauce to put on my tongue right now?! Don’t make a scene! Just breathe in.

Lastly, once our tongues recovered from the hot pepper trauma, we each ordered our dessert. Tom got the Mascarpone Cream Doughnut, which is topped with a Lemon Glaze, Berry Jam sauce and Colorado Honey Ice Cream. I think he was sold on this because of the Colorado Honey Ice Cream. We’ve talked a lot recently about how honey bees are becoming extinct. Quite sad.


I ordered the Molten Carrot Cake. This included Pineapple Ginger Carpaccio, Cream Cheese Ice Cream, Ginger Rum Sauce and crisps on top. By the end of my meal, I couldn’t take another bite. So full and satisfied.


Edge definitely falls into the $$$ range. I would say you would be hard pressed to get out of there without spending $60/ person. They are most known for their steak, but feature their seafood as well. This is a great place to go for a special occasion, or if you are wanting to splurge a little and treat yourself to a very decadent and memorable meal! Tom and I love it here! We will definitely be keeping it in mind in the future, and would be more than happy to return! Overall, I think that the best way to describe this place is exquisite food with a very edgy feel. Ah so punny.


Headed home through beautiful Larimer Street.


2 thoughts on “EDGE Restaurant

  1. Alright, Chase, I’m ready for adding a little “Edge” in my life. As always, you and Tom look adorable! Congrats on the 2 year anniversary…I’d say a cruise is in order. Uncle Vince and I will definitely give the Edge a try. The food looks absolutely amazing, and I love the ambiance. Love, Aunt Di

    • You are going to love it! Tom and i will allow you to take us there with you 😉

      and YES to a cruise! we talk about it all the time and want to go back so bad! cant wait til the next one is planned!

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