Halloween Witch Stocking Wreath


I want to start off by sharing a picture I took the other day. It’s pretty amazing. But only if you play or have played Mario Kart. And by amazing, I don’t mean the picture quality, because it was snapped with my flip phone (what?! those still exist?! yepp they sure do, and I’m the proud owner of one of the last remaining!).

No words necessary:


I also wanted to tell you briefly about this really neat restaurant we went to the other day. It’s called Cafe 180 and it’s on Broadway just north of Hampden. It is a donation based restaurant which means you will be served whether you pay or not. As put in their mission statement, “At CAFE 180 the price is always right, because you choose it. Those who can pay for lunch sit alongside those who exchange an hour of service for their meal.” It is designed to be able to feed a delicious meal to someone who is homeless or in need, as well as any average joe. They have 3 payment options:

  • Pay what you would typically pay.
  • Pay by giving one hour of service in exchange for your meal.
  • Pay what you would typically pay, plus a bit more to “pay it forward

They have really great fresh food and it is a very modern, clean and edgy place! I love the concept and the heart to serve that they have. It is just like any other place you would stop and grab food except this place has a cause that meets the needs of the less fortunate. I really encourage you to check it out!


Sooooo…..Halloween is approaching and I’m so excited about some Halloween crafts!! The inspiration for this craft came from Seeing Things. I didn’t actually follow the tutorial for this one at all because I did a smaller sized wreath and just figured it out as I went along. If you would like to do a bigger wreath she has very detailed pictures and instructions.

Witch Stocking Wreath


What you need:

  • 12″ wire wreath
  • 2 pairs of adult green & black striped tights
  • 15 yards (or more if you have it) of black ribbon
  • 45 yards of green ribbon (this is a total guess- I bought a giant roll of green ribbon for about $3 and it was 500 yards. I used way more green than I did black though)
  • Twelve 3″ Smoothfoam balls – it’s similar to styrofoam but it’s cheaper and smoother (which you probably figured out by the name). They come in 6 pks, so buy 2.
  • Nine 2.5″ Smoothfoam balls- These also are sold in 6 pks, so also buy 2.
  • 18 ping pong balls – they came in packs of 8 at the Dollar Tree
  • 3 strands of black bead necklaces (won these at the Rockies game but check Party City)
  • Thick black wired ribbon
  • Glue gun


Step 1: Put all of the 3″ balls into the stockings and section off each one with a double knotted tie with the green ribbon, like pictured below. All ribbon mentioned until step 8 is referring to the green ribbon.


Step 2: Once you get to the end, cut the stocking after the last ball and tie the end off with the green ribbon the same way, but extra tight so it doesn’t slip off.

Step 3: Attach all of the ribbon ties to both the two outer most wires on the wreath with double knots.


Step 4: Once you have all the ties attached to the wire wreath, hot glue the bottom of the 1st ball (the first one you put in the stockings) to the wire wreath since there isn’t a tie on the very end. Next, put a dab of hot glue between the 1st and the last ball so it completes the whole circle without any of them flapping around.


Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 with the nine 2.5″ balls, except tie them around the inner most all the way around the outer most rim.

Step 6: Repeat steps 1-4 with the 18 ping pong balls, but tie them on the ties from step 5 instead of the wire wreath itself. You may have to section them into a few ping pong balls as opposed to all 18 at once. Just be sure you glue any ping pong ball ends that don’t have a tie, to something.

Step 7: Go through and curl all the ribbon strands with scissors.

Step 8: Cut all of the 15 yards of black ribbon into approximately 6″ strands, and cut about twice as many of the green ribbon.

Step 9: Go in between every since ball along the outer rim and tie several strands of each color, using more green than black. Next, go in between all the ping pong balls and 2.5″ balls and tie several strands of each color, using more green than black. There isn’t much order to this, just tie ribbon everywhere you can see wire wreath showing through.

Step 10: Curl all the ribbon strands with scissors.

Step 11: Attach the 3 black bead necklaces by tying some ribbon strands around them to hold them up. I chose this option instead of gluing them in case I didn’t like the way they fell.

Step 12: With the thick black wired ribbon, cut a piece off, about 14″ long (twice as long as you want it to hang down from the hook). Fold it in half and hot glue it together lengthwise (hot dog wise). That way it will be nice and strong. Tie it to the outer rim of the wreath. You can glue the ends down, or make sure to tuck that part behind the wreath instead of at the top by the hook.

Step 13. Fold a nice big black bow and hot glue it to the hanger ribbon you just made in step 12. The wired ribbon is important so the bow holds it’s shape instead of falling to the sides.


Walaa! Happy Halloween!



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