Witch Hats


So is it just me or is everyone else losing their memory too? You can be honest, I won’t remember anyway. I was reminded of this story today because it has to do with a trip I went on at the end of last year, that I’ll be going on again this December, and we’re getting close!

The trip was a work trip and lasted about 8 days. I normally get a check in the mail about a month or two after we get back, so that would mean I should’ve gotten it around February of this year. But around August of this year I happened upon the notion that I still hadn’t gotten paid. So I email my friend in the office and ask about it, and with definite alarm they say they’ll look into it! I get an email back the following day saying that their accounting department forgot to add a zero to the amount they paid me in February, so I was still owed several hundred dollars. They say they will cut the rest of the check this week and send it, and how terribly sorry they are for making me wait so long. That’s funny, I didn’t remember getting any of it, even the wrong amount. I guess I’ll look back through my bank statements just to make sure they even sent the part they mentioned, since they forgot the rest of it. As I near February in my bank statements, I notice a deposit for the full original amount I was supposed to get paid, with the right amount of zeros.  I get a call shortly later from my friend at the office saying the accounting department made a typo in the email to her, and it was the full amount I had gotten paid back in February. Around this time I am clicking on images of my deposits online to see that not only had I gotten paid the full amount in February, but I wrote out the deposit slip myself, drove it to the bank and dropped the check off. And I have ABSOLUTELY no recollection of this. If it wasn’t my hand writing I would have thought this was a joke. The only joke is how much my memory is failing me.

Witch Hats

These are cute as decorations on their own, or if you go the extra mile and decorate them after they’re cover in glitter. You can also put them on a pumpkin to spice it up!


What You Need:

  • Small paper plate (any color)
  • Piece of black scrapbook paper (you can use any scrapbook paper if you don’t have black paper, and spray paint it black)
  • Black Glitter
  • Paint brush
  • Mod Podge
  • Black spray paint
  • Hot glue
  • Acrylic Coating Spray

Acrylic Spray


Step 1: Cut the scrapbook paper to 8.5″ x 11″. Roll the scrapbook paper into a cone. Hot glue the paper cone to keep it’s shape. The bottom will be really uneven, so cut off the paper sticking out on the bottom of the cone so that it become flat. You can also use a party hat instead of using paper if you have one or want to buy some.

Step 2: Spray paint the bottom of the paper plates. If you did not use black scrapbook paper for the cones spray paint them black as well. Let everything dry thoroughly.

Step 3: Once everything is dry, hot glue around the bottom edges of the cone and attach it to the spray painted side of the paper plate in the center.

Step 4: Lay out some paper that you can catch the glitter on, so you can funnel it back into the bottle.

Step 5: Paint Mod Podge in sections starting from the point of the hat. Pour glitter generously over each section of Mod Podge and repeat until the whole hat is covered. Be sure to “flick” your hat after each pour of glitter to shake the glitter loose.

Step 6: Go OUTSIDE and lay newspaper down OUTSIDE and follow the directions on the Acrylic spray OUTSIDE to coat the hats. Let dry according to cans directions, and repeat a second coat OUTSIDE. Let the hats dry OUTSIDE overnight. If I didn’t make it clear, definitely spray this outside, the fumes are amazingly strong until it is completely dry. Trust me, I’m stubborn and I learned the hard way. I might’ve killed so many brain cells in the process and that’s why I have a terrible memory 😀

DSC09762  DSC09759


2 thoughts on “Witch Hats

    • Hi! Thank you so much, I’m glad you like them!
      They would definitely be cute with a costume if you attached them to a headband! You would just have to make sure you sprayed the bottom of the hat black as well!
      Good idea!

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