Storybook Page Pumpkin

Guess what Tom and I finished this week??? Our 2,000 piece puzzle!! Or should I say our 1,998 piece puzzle, as 2 of the pieces have found themselves “misplaced.” Which is to no ones surprised given that we worked on it on and off over the course of about 10 months. We’re now in the process of gluing it and framing it. Wish us luck, I’m doubting that a 2,000 (ish) piece puzzle will be easy to frame. Here it is below though, our next goal is to visit this place in Italy:


Storybook Page Pumpkin


What You Need:

  • Book pages – stay away from glossy pages
  • Fake pumpkin – I got mine for $4.97 at Walmart, they have some smaller ones for $1 at Target and the Dollar Tree
  • Watercolors and the accompanying paintbrush
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Newspaper
  • Pens or pencils
  • Glue gun (optional but recommended- see step 7)
  • Scissors


Step 1: Cut the book pages into strips that are a little over the width of each “ripple” of the pumpkin.

Step 2: Thoroughly cover one side of a strip and stick it on, starting as close to the stem as possible. Smooth it out with your fingers so it curves with the ripple. Try very hard not to get Mod Podge on the top on the strips.

Step 3: Be sure to add strips to the bottom of the pumpkin to ensure everything is covered.

Step 4: Let this dry. While the pumpkin is drying, cut lots of long strips that are about 1 cm wide. Lay these on newspaper and using the watercolors, paint them green. Use a lot of water when painting, you want the page to soak the color up. I used some yellow with my green.

Step 5: Wrap all the long strips you just painted green around a pencil, pen, straw etc. while they are wet. Wrap til the whole strip is wrapped around in a tight coil, and slide it off. Be sure to set them to dry in a way that they won’t unravel. They shouldn’t unravel easily anyway because they will be very wet.

Step 6: Paint the pumpkin with the orange watercolors. Don’t use too much water on this part, but use enough that you aren’t just creating streaks.

Step 7: Once the green strips are dry, place a dab of glue on the end and glue them near the stem. I recommend using a glue gun, as you want them to dry fast. Once you glue on as many as you think look good, uncoil them a little bit to add variations in the strips.


Can you tell my pages are from Pinocchio??  🙂 I found some good storybooks at Target in the cheap section at the entrance of the store. My pumpkin wasn’t actually quite as yellow as displayed below, the actual orange color was that of the picture above. My flash just lightened things.


By the way, this is my new precious little nephew, Enzo, who is just the sweetest baby! This is the little goblin in his very first costume! Happy Halloween!



4 thoughts on “Storybook Page Pumpkin

  1. Love the pumpkin story book! Looks like it’s not too difficult to put together! I love Halloween because of all the great pumpkins you can put around your home. We put them outside once Halloween is over and the squirrels love munch on them throughout the winter. The Italy puzzle is awesome. I think Vince and I were there…looks familiar..Portofino? Love Italy, the people, and of course, the wine and food! Can’t wait to see it framed! Best picture of all…my handsome little grandson…Halloween Cat! BOO-TIFUL!
    Aunt Diane

    • haha your comment made me smile!

      I actually don’t think its Portofino, it’s written down somewhere but I don’t know off the top of my head!

      Glad you liked the pumpkin, and the Halloween cat 🙂


  2. We must be thinking alike, I just finished making paper Mache pumpkins yesterday! They don’t look nearly as professional as yours though. 😊 You should find out where that pic was taken it looks really familiar.

    • Thanks for the sweet comment! I’m excited to see a pic of yours, I’m sure they’re fantastic!! I found out where the puzzle is: Cinque Terre, Italy, town of Vernazza

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