Melted Crayon in Glue Gun Art

Hi everyone!
So this week one of my best friends got married!! My sweet friend Elyse got married at the History Colorado Center in Denver. I am so happy for her and her new husband! It was a fantastic time and such a wonderful event!! Very thankful for getting to be a part of her big day and celebrating that beautiful girl! (photo credit: Vert Photography)
Speaking of weddings, remember that plantable wedding invite I got a while back? Well I planted it a few days before their wedding and have been so excited to see what blooms. And I can finally show you. However, it wasn’t quite as big and bold as I was hoping…I had quite unrealistic expectations I guess, because I was hoping for some really awesome rare flower I had never seen before. It was really neat all the same to have anything grow at all though! This is what I got:


Melted Crayon in Glue Gun Art


This is a cheap project, and it’s fun to do! I thought it was so perfect to put pictures from the 5K Color Run that I did last year in it, but you could do this for a kids room, a dorm room, a party or event, or anything else creative you come up with!

What you need:

  • Canvas
  • Crayons
  • Glue gun (I used a mini that was going to be my “crayon glue gun” because this project might shorten its lifespan)
  • Newspaper
  • Paper cut outs where pictures will go
  • Screwdriver
  • Knife


Step 1: Organize your paper cuts outs on your canvas where you want your pictures to go so crayon doesn’t cover that area. Use double sided tape or fold the tape and stick it to the back of the paper.

Step 2: Next we have to make the glue gun crayon friendly. If your are using a large glue gun the crayons might fit, but if you are using a mini, you will have to follow this step. The “feeder” at the very back of the glue gun, where you first put in the glue stick, needs to come out. Unscrew the two sides of the glue gun, and you should be able to simply remove that mechanism. You will know you did it right if the “trigger” doesn’t work, because the trigger and the feeder work together. You will be using your thumb to feed the crayons later on, not the trigger.

Step 3: Line up all the crayons across the canvas side by side to see how many you’ll need, and then unwrap all the paper off of them.

Step 4: Lay down the newspaper. Once the glue gun is hot, feed your first crayon in the gun, and use your thumb to gently push it through. Hold your canvas upright, or at a slant while you drip the crayon on it. Be careful to try to avoid the spots where pictures will go. Even though we covered them, try as much as possible to avoid dripping on those spots, because it can be challenging to break the crayon drippings and get the paper cut outs off if there is too much.

Step 5: Layer, it’s more fun that way. When you are done, tip the glue gun backwards onto some newspaper to get the leftover color to pour out the back. I may or may not have accidentally done this step over my quilt and got some disgusting green crayon all over my comforter…


Step 6: GENTLY pull up the paper cut outs. If you can’t break the drippings easily, touch the area surrounding the paper cuts with the tip of the hot glue gun to melt them and pull off the paper. It’s okay if some of it gets where your pictures will go. If you break any areas you didn’t mean to break in the process, reseal them with the hot tip of the glue gun as well.

Step 7: Using a knife, scrap off the thick drippings that got in the area where your pictures will go.


Step 8: Glue on the pictures with hot glue. Just put dabs of glue in the four corners of the picture slot and stick on the picture.


Step 9: Use the hot tip of the glue gun to gently touch and blend the crayon around the edges of the pictures.



One thought on “Melted Crayon in Glue Gun Art

  1. So fun, Chase! Love the bright colors! Great idea for framing a child’s room! =) You all look so beautiful in the wedding picture! Congrats to your friend! Many blissful years ahead for her and her new husband! Love, Aunt Di

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