Mason Jar Lid Wreath

Hi everyone!

So I’ve been spending a lot of time researching vendors for this wedding shindig. We have spent a lot of time going over the photography piece of it recently, and I remembered this video I had stumbled on a while ago that I thought was so cool. It really didn’t help at all with figuring out what photographer we’re going to use, but it gave me a nice distraction and gave me another reason why I love photos and photography so much. I wanted to share it with you, it’s only 2 & 1/2 min..I KNOW you have that much time to spare, especially if you landed here from Pinterest or Facebook…! Click HERE to watch!

How cool is it to “meet” strangers this way? I just think it’s so interesting that everyone you pass has this entire story and life that you know nothing about. Every single person has all these complexities, and talents, and heartbreaks, and relationships, and friends, and struggles, and embarrassing moments (maybe not as many as me), and accomplishments, and things that make them laugh. I think it is always so fascinating to meet new people, because you never know what path they’re on or what path they have come from. Even though we live in a society that is continually veering away from interaction with other human beings, I hope something changes that, and I hope we go back to noticing people around us. And I don’t just hope those things because my flip phone makes it impossible for me to electronically connect with everyone.

Mason Jar Lid Wreath

The wreath that we’re doing today is originally from Tater Tots & Jello and I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. She used it for Halloween decoration, but I think it looks good for all year round! It’s size fits perfect in a kitchen.


What you need:

  • 36 wide mouth mason jar canning lids (you can buy just lids at the store, unless you want 36 jars too)
  • Washi tape, 4 patterns
  • White spray paint
  • Coral and gray paint (use spray paint in these colors instead if you want to purchase it)
  • Ribbon


Step 1: Lay 23 of the lids out and spray paint them white.

Step 2: Paint 8 lids coral and paint 5 lids gray.

Step 3: Let them all dry. Next you will be adding the washi tape to the outside of the lids you painted white. I put one kind of washi tape on 5 lids, and each other kind of washi tape on 6 lids each.

Step 4: String them onto some ribbon and tie some bows!

*Some of the spray paint and regular paint might chip a little bit when they rub as you string them, but I think this is a more rustic looking craft anyway, so I don’t think it takes away from it at all. If you don’t want them to chip, you could try spraying an acrylic coat on top of the paint before you add the tape.



5 thoughts on “Mason Jar Lid Wreath

  1. That video was such a touching video…people just need to stop and take the time to interact more with one another… humanity…put the cell phones down and observe what’s going on in the world, who knows who we might meet. =) Love the wreath!
    Love, Aunt Di

  2. Hi, Chase. Love the wreath. You might check with Amelia and see who the photographer was that took Vincenzo’s pictures when he was born. She did a great job. I may have her name too. I’ll look for you and send it on. I am sorry about not getting the verse sent on….I forgot. I probably messed it all up for you, sorry. I’m not good at that stuff.

    LOVE YOU, HI TO TOM! Aunt Di

    • haha no worries at all! i forgot about it actually 🙂

      i’ll have to ask her for the name! at this point it’s just trying to figure out what were even looking for >_<
      thanks for the suggestion and the sweet comments. glad u liked the wreath!
      we love u guys too!

    • Thanks Jackie! So glad you liked it and it brightened up your morning! We really do have to remember to talk to jill and sharon about a craft event 🙂
      luv u!

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