Lint Roller Stamp


So last weekend was Tom’s birthday, and I think he is enjoying having two families to share it with, because it now has turned into birth week 🙂 Anyway, it got me thinking about some of my birthday cards I used to save, well, all cards I used to save, and I started going back through them. I found Christmas cards, Easter cards, birthday cards, and even graduation cards…all the way from high school. It was fun to read through them, until I got to this one card in specific. It was a very nice card, and even after reading through it again, I hardly remember what it said, because that’s not the part that stood out to me. What stood out to me was, the check in the card that I never deposited. Are we sure I should have graduated high school?! How surprised do you think they would have been if I deposited it now, 7 1/2 yrs later? I guess this is one of those times where “better late than never” does NOT apply. I think it’s best to go with “never” on this one to avoid any awkward conversations. You know how I feel about awkward.

Lint Roller Stamp

What you need:

  • lint roller (I got some small ones at Target for $1 each)
  • A foam sheet
  • Paint or ink pad


Step 1: Measure how tall your lint roller is and make sure you don’t cut your shapes out too tall. Also, measure how much horizontal space you have around the whole lint roller.

Step 2: Cut out your shapes. Peel off the sticky backing on the roller and the foam sheet and stick your shapes on.


Step 3: Roll in paint or on the ink pad, and start rolling. Easy peezy lemon squeezy!

Note: If you don’t want those little “smudge lines” make sure you don’t leave any parts of your roller (horizontally) without any shapes on them. I didn’t mind so I left mine how it was.


I made a matching card since I used my roller on wrapping paper. You could just make cards, or decorate any amount of things.



2 thoughts on “Lint Roller Stamp

  1. Chase:     lOVE this!!!!!!!  Please tell me Tom didn ‘t unwrap it.  Who could possibly want what’s on the inside more that what’s on the outside!!! lu    

    • haha unfortunately he did! he was very delicate with the wrapping paper as always though 🙂 thanks for your sweet comment!! I’m sure you will come up with a super cute and decorative idea of what to put on the roller!

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