Love In A Bottle

So today I’ve decided I’m going to start off by sharing with you something I love and something I’m afraid of (other than snakes…and car washes):


Opening champagne bottles. I recently had a fun movie night with a friend, and intended to bring some wine, but instead I grabbed champagne. Which was fine. It was good. But opening it was my least favorite part. It’s actually scarier than opening cinnamon rolls because you risk the cork flying into your eye. And normally when champagne is had there are lots of people around, one of which might be a guy, or a less scaredy-cat girl who could have stepped in. But not this day. Fortunately, all disasters were adverted. My first time opening champagne was a success! Hooray! Although that doesn’t mean I learned from this experience and will be any less scared next time…



Method hand soap in Waterfall. Not only do I love the color, but I actually get excited to wash my hands because of how much I love the scent. They aren’t paying me to say this, not in money nor hand soap (unfortunately), but I just felt compelled to let everyone know about how much I love this soap. Do not be disillusioned that this smells like that cliche “water” scent that candles take on. It’s much better. I haven’t been this excited to wash my hands since I bought Tom a cool oil can mechanism soap dispenser for his apartment. Can you imagine anything better than this hand soap IN that dispenser??? oh my..

Love In A Bottle

Speaking of love, how about a little love in a bottle? 


What You Need:

  • Clear bottle- $1.50 from Michaels
  • Wine cork + knife (if it doesn’t have a stopper)
  • String
  • Hot Glue
  • Pink or red paper – or color on white paper
  • Gift tag


Step 1: To make a cork if you don’t have one- Get a wine cork, hopefully one that is close to fitting. Using a knife carefully cut down the outside of the cork. Once you have it thin enough to fit, slice the height of the cork down to fit your bottle.

Step 2: Fold the colored paper in half and cut a heart shape out, so you end up with two identical pieces. Crumple a little bit of the remaining colored paper in between the two pieces so it becomes 3D. Glue everything together. Gently fold the edges of the heart around the crumpled paper so you can’t see it. You can also just go the route of making an origami heart, but I felt like doing it my way 🙂

Step 3: Depending on what color string you have you may have to color it with a sharpie to

make it visible. Mine was light gray so I had to color it. Measure on the outside approximately how far down you want the heart to dangle, and add a tiny bit extra to account of gluing.

Step 4: Put a tiny bit of glue at the middle of the heart and gently stick your piece of string into it. Do the same thing with the center of the cork, and stick the string to it.


Step 5: Decorate your tag.



Patterned Wine Bottle

Hey Everyone!

Did you have a good week? It’s almost over if not! And then you can return to weekending…the real reason people deal with M-F 😉

So for labor day weekend my parents headed up to Vail and I was stuck on plant watering duty so all her flowers didn’t die whilst they were away. This led me to some positive and negative feelings. Let’s start with the negative. Get the bad out of the way. First, it made me relate when a few years ago Tom said, “if the plants can’t stay alive for a couple days without being watered what futile things they are.” I fully intend to have some sort of sprinkler system installed in my future that waters all my flowers automatically because I can’t be bothered doing this everyday. Secondly, I’m pretty sure I’ve been watering weeds. There are these tall grasslike plants growing in this one section of the garden area and I’m pretty sure they are weeds. But how am I supposed to know?! So now not only have I wasted water (in our drought I might add), but I also just stood there looking like an idiot watering weeds.

Ready for the positives? I think flowers reflect what a beautiful world God created. Have you taken time to look at how detailed flowers are and how vibrant and many kinds there are? One of my favorite flowers is the sunflower with the yellow center! I just love them and can’t wait to grow them! I’ll have to figure out the logistics of growing them, but hopefully one day you’ll see them popping over the top of my fence! Furthermore (haven’t used that word since I was writing essays for school), that wedding I told you about from a couple days ago, well they sent out plantable invitations. SO, I’ve been dying to see what grows! I think you were supposed to plant it when you got it, but of course I planted it like 4 days before the wedding. Did you catch that part of the last sentence, I planted it! …So I was actually a little unsure that it would grow because it said bury in 1/8″ of soil and I was sure I put it too far down, not to mention I kind of created its home in a pot where some other flowers were growing and wasn’t sure there was enough room. But alas, I saw lots of little plants growing this weekend where I planted the invitation!! They haven’t budded yet, they’re still babies, but I will definitely post a picture once they do! SUCCESS!! No casualties in our yard this weekend.

CRAFT TIME! Today is a patterned vase, inexpensive as ever.


What You Need:

  • Wine Bottle
  • Acrylic glass paint in white
  • Acrylic paint (doesn’t have to be glass paint)
  • Big paint brush
  • Little bity paint brush
  • Puffy paint in 1 color
  • Scrubber with edge on brush for scraping (optional)


1. Soak the wine bottle in hot soapy water in the sink for 10min. Then if you have a scrubber brush with the edge, scrap the label and glue off. If you don’t have a brush with an edge, get the label off by rubbing it with your fingers, and see what you have around the house to gently scrape off the glue from the label. Dry bottle thoroughly.

2. Using the big paint brush, paint the bottle white with the acrylic glass paint. Careful not to go over the same spot too many times or it will sometimes pull the paint off. Let this coat dry and repeat a second white coat. Let paint completely dry.

3. Using the little thin paint brush, dip into the color of paint you want your lines to be. This should be the same color of puffy paint you have. I did black. Paint off random sections all over the bottle. There isn’t any order to this, it should just be random and all over the place, but make sure you don’t leave any sections too big, otherwise the design in that section will overwhelm the others.

4. From here on out the paint you use does not need to be glass paint unless you want to use that, since we already painted a base coat on the glass with the glass paint. Paint each section a solid color. Try and be aware of the surrounding solid colored sections so you don’t end up with several of the same colored areas right next to each other. Let dry completely.

5. Paint each section a different design. They can be totally random or have some sort of sense to the madness. You might have a hard time coming up with designs to fill each section, so I posted pictures below of each side of my bottle so you can get some ideas!

DSC05220DSC05222   DSC05219DSC05221

6. After your bottle is completely dry, go over all your section lines with the puffy paint.


7. Add flowers and use as a vase, or display as decoration on it’s own!

DSC08860  DSC08849

Like these flowers? Well come visit me in the future because I will be doing several posts on a bunch of different paper flower how-to’s!


Starry Night Wine Bottle

Hi Friends!

This Starry Night Wine Bottle just couldn’t be more appropriate. My silly little fox dog Lakai got out through a hole in the fence three nights ago, and we spent a good hour running around in the star speckled, dark sky at 1am looking for her. So fun……..! I’m thankful to report that we found her though…by we I mean my brother. It actually was a great story of God’s presence in our lives. I was running around the elementary school near our house, where I take Lakai on walks, and I was on the verge of bawling because it was 1am, I couldn’t see anything, and even if I did see her, she is like the cheetah of dog species. And I am not like the cheetah of human species. Anyway, I was running around in the dark just praying to God to help us find her, and keep her safe and just feeling so hopeless on my own without His help, but knowing He can hear me. And literally two seconds after I finished praying, my phone rang and my brother had found her. Whew! LEMONADE!!! You can try and say it was a coincidence, but I know who to thank…the Big-Guy-Upstairs.


What You Need:

  • Wine Bottle (full or empty- I chose empty so you can see through the bottle to know what the paint will look like, since sometimes it’s more opaque and you want to add more coats)
  • Acrylic Paint (black, white, light blue, dark blue, yellow)
  • Paint Brushes (1 medium-large and 1 small-medium)



1. Using a medium-large paint brush, paint the wine bottle black. I didn’t paint all the way to the rim because I liked the way it looked with part of it unpainted. I stopped at about where the neck of the wine bottle begins. Sometimes Acrylic Paint can peel on wine bottles while you’re paint is wet, so a few pieces of advice I can give:

  • Apply paint very generously, don’t try and spread it too thin for these base coats.
  • Once you paint a stroke, don’t brush over that same spot again until it dries, otherwise it might peel the paint off.
  • Similar to the bullet above, wait til the whole first coat dries, then paint another to ensure full coverage. Only paint each spot with 1-2 strokes or you still run the risk of peeling.
  • An alternative option mentioned at White Cottage Boutique is to use some sort of chalk addition to the paint. Her site has instructions; I haven’t used that method before but maybe check it out if you’re struggling with peeling too much.

2. While you let your base coats completely dry, find a picture of starry night online to use as your guide. I looked off the Starry Night picture from the Canvas and Cocktails website. They do a canvas version class on this one.

3. From here on out you will only be using your small-medium brush. Section, with little white dashes, the bottle into 4 sections. This will be an easy way of keeping things “proportional.” You’ll do the same with the actual image as well. You can see approximately how I broke it up.


4. Next, with the dark blue make a thin guideline of the shape and where the “mountains” (here in Colorado we know those little bumps are just hills) will come up to. Go through making dashes all over the whole bottle with the dark blue ABOVE your mountain line. They don’t need to have any direction, just horizontal unorganized dashes.

5. Once that’s dry, get your light blue, and making dashes, start doing the wind swirl in the mid sky, the wind right above the mountains, and some basic dashes going in a circle for the stars and the moon. You can see in section 3 how the dashes kind of run into each other a little bit with their own shapes. In section 2, make sure to put a lot of light blue dashes on the star that the castle is to the left of.

6. Let that dry. Get the dark blue again, and a LITTLE TINY bit of the light blue mixed together and repeat step 5 with that middle blue color. Add a few dashes with that color in other open areas of the sky as well.

7. Let that dry. Mix yellow and a LITTLE TINY bit of black. Now go through with that color and repeat step 5.

8. Using white and a little yellow, make a lot of dashes to create the center of the moon. Add a few dashes of this color throughout the other bright stars and the wind patterns. Get some yellow and paint the moon.

9. Repeat step 6. Below is a close up on what the size of the strokes are like.


10. Paint black from the mountain line and down half way with a sweeping motion. Get the dark blue and from the bottom of the bottle, sweep the dark blue paint up into the black, blending them together a little bit.

11. Paint the black castle in section two.

12. Go through the castle and the mountains regions adding highlights with light blue, dark blue and yellow.

Whala! This would be a great gift, or make a great addition to your kitchen or living room! To point out the obvious, you do not have to do Starry Night, but hopefully this post will help you to be able to paint a different painting more easily as well. Happy painting!

Section 1


Section 2


Section 3


Section 4