Fabric Strip Banner

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Before we get to craft time, I have to complain about car washes.

Car wasssshhhesss. Ugh. I hate getting my car washed!! Don’t get me wrong, I like a clean car, but it’s hardly worth it to me to deal with the car wash places. They are all different and I don’t feel like there is clear direction. So. Most recently when I went to wash my car (one day before it snowed of course), I drove in to the parking lot, stressed out, but obviously thinking I was overreacting. Nope. I start to pull up to one of the lanes to pay, and the lanes were labeled on which service you picked, but of course I can’t see the paragraph long list of the “menu” items until I’m super close. So I start reversing because I’m in the wrong lane (which I’ll find out later doesn’t actually matter). On my way backwards, I’m trying to veer to the side so I didn’t block any lanes, and I run over the curb. Stupid. I sure hope everyone saw it.

I finally pick the specific service I’m going to do and go through the wash. I liked this part, because I literally have to do nothing and have no chance of screwing anything up, as long as I do nothing. So then I reach the end and find out there are more lanes I have to pull into for the vacuuming and cleaning of the inside. The light that tells you which lane to pull into is really far away and you would never know to look there unless you got your car washed there before, which I hadn’t, and will probably forget by the next time I wash my car. So I just pull into a random lane behind a couple cars, and am confused out of mind. “Am I supposed to wait in the car til I pull up to the vacuum position?” “Do I just stand on this awkward curb by the workers vacuuming and let them move my car?” “Why does everyone else know what to do here?!” “Do I leave my car on and go to the waiting area that I just now saw?” “How do I know when they’re done, I pulled into the lane farthest away blocked by other lanes of cars!?” “I hate this.”

In case you’re wondering which of those things I did, I did all of them. I sat in my car for awhile. Then I got out and stood on the awkward curb by the workers vacuuming. Then I walked over to the waiting area, where I panicked the whole time that they were waiting for me to come get my car and I couldn’t see. And lastly, I panicked some more when they wanted to double check my receipt (I must’ve given them the impression that I didn’t know what I was doing….), and I couldn’t find it. Of course I couldn’t find it, I had only had it in my possession for about five mintues!!! This whole experience made me feel like I was in Breaking Bad, and instead of freaking out about laundering drug money at the car wash, I was just a customer with a dirty car.

Anyway. I’m never washing my car again.

Fabric Strip Banner

You may or may not have noticed that I love mint. I do. And I also love making things that could double as decorations for the wedding! My banner is about 5-6ft.


What You Need:

  • Twine
  • Fabric glue (optional)
  • Scissors (fabric scissors, or any that work well on fabric)
  • Different sections of fabric; I used 5 different colors/patterns:
    • 1 yd of bright mint
    • 1 yd of bright seafoam blue
    • 1/2 yd of letter print
    • 1/2 yd white
    • 1/2 yd of doctor’s scrub blue (I made up these names myself)


Step 1: Cut all your fabric into about 1 1/2 inch strips; cut lengthwise so you have long pieces.


Step 2: Cut the twine to about 5-6ft and double it over to ensure it does not break. Tie a knot at each end, leaving some excess twine on the outer side of the knot.

Step 3: Fold the strip in half (to get varying lengths like mine, don’t fold in half, but instead fold so that one end is a lot shorter than the other).


Grab the two ends…


And pull through. Make it tight.


Step 4: Repeat with all the strips.


Step 5: Tie a loop in the excess twine on the outer ends. Make sure it is tight, and cover your knot with fabric glue so it doesn’t slide or come undone.

Step 6: Hang up your new banner and smile! This can be used as a backdrop for a photobooth, a banner to hang on a wall, a banner to hang on the front of a table, a wedding decoration, or anything else clever that you think of! If you have some good ideas, share them in the comments!