Love In A Bottle

So today I’ve decided I’m going to start off by sharing with you something I love and something I’m afraid of (other than snakes…and car washes):


Opening champagne bottles. I recently had a fun movie night with a friend, and intended to bring some wine, but instead I grabbed champagne. Which was fine. It was good. But opening it was my least favorite part. It’s actually scarier than opening cinnamon rolls because you risk the cork flying into your eye. And normally when champagne is had there are lots of people around, one of which might be a guy, or a less scaredy-cat girl who could have stepped in. But not this day. Fortunately, all disasters were adverted. My first time opening champagne was a success! Hooray! Although that doesn’t mean I learned from this experience and will be any less scared next time…



Method hand soap in Waterfall. Not only do I love the color, but I actually get excited to wash my hands because of how much I love the scent. They aren’t paying me to say this, not in money nor hand soap (unfortunately), but I just felt compelled to let everyone know about how much I love this soap. Do not be disillusioned that this smells like that cliche “water” scent that candles take on. It’s much better. I haven’t been this excited to wash my hands since I bought Tom a cool oil can mechanism soap dispenser for his apartment. Can you imagine anything better than this hand soap IN that dispenser??? oh my..

Love In A Bottle

Speaking of love, how about a little love in a bottle? 


What You Need:

  • Clear bottle- $1.50 from Michaels
  • Wine cork + knife (if it doesn’t have a stopper)
  • String
  • Hot Glue
  • Pink or red paper – or color on white paper
  • Gift tag


Step 1: To make a cork if you don’t have one- Get a wine cork, hopefully one that is close to fitting. Using a knife carefully cut down the outside of the cork. Once you have it thin enough to fit, slice the height of the cork down to fit your bottle.

Step 2: Fold the colored paper in half and cut a heart shape out, so you end up with two identical pieces. Crumple a little bit of the remaining colored paper in between the two pieces so it becomes 3D. Glue everything together. Gently fold the edges of the heart around the crumpled paper so you can’t see it. You can also just go the route of making an origami heart, but I felt like doing it my way 🙂

Step 3: Depending on what color string you have you may have to color it with a sharpie to

make it visible. Mine was light gray so I had to color it. Measure on the outside approximately how far down you want the heart to dangle, and add a tiny bit extra to account of gluing.

Step 4: Put a tiny bit of glue at the middle of the heart and gently stick your piece of string into it. Do the same thing with the center of the cork, and stick the string to it.


Step 5: Decorate your tag.



Snow Globes

Hello all!

Two more days til Christmas!! But whose counting…

I saw a story a little while ago and thought it was so perfect for this time of year. It is such a cool reminder to me to bless other people during this season. The article was about a woman whose wallet got stolen while she was grocery shopping. She saw the man she thought had taken it and went up to him:

‘”As I saw him, a scripture came to me from Luke, which basically says ‘If someone should take your cloak, you should give them your shirt as well,” she told The Huffington Post.

The passage inspired her next actions, as she approached the man and calmly said, “I think you have something of mine. I’m gonna give you a choice. You can either give me my wallet and I’ll forgive you right now, and I’ll even take you to the front and pay for your groceries,” or she would call the police, according to Yahoo! Shine.

“He reached in his pocket and gave it back to me,” she told HuffPost, adding that “he started crying as we walked to the front. He kept apologizing and saying that he was embarrassed.”

Eaves, a mother of four and leader of the Christian outreach team at the First Christian Church in Guthrie, responded that she makes mistakes every day and has just as much to be embarrassed about, as she believes that in the eyes of Jesus, no one sin is greater than another.

…”I never carry cash. When I got to the check-out counter that day his (robber’s) total was just a little over $27 and I had $28 in cash in my wallet. And so I knew in that moment it wasn’t me. It was Christ that played in that moment,” she told Christian Post.’

-Article from Huffington Post

It’s so cool to see how far kindness and overlooking offenses can go. I don’t know about you but I sure wish I would respond this way in all situations. Last time Tom stole a bite off my plate, I assure you my response was not to give him another 😉

Snow Globes


It’s not too late to make some fun holiday decorations before your whole family comes over! Fortunately, these are super easy and the possibilities are limitless.

What you need:

  • Mason jars
  • Hot glue
  • Figurines and/or small toy trees (nothing metal or rustable, or peelable)
  • Fake snow (do not use regular glitter)
  • Distilled water (found in grocery stores)
  • Small bottle of glycerin (found at craft stores)
  • Decorative items: such as gift tags, keys, beads, bells, washi tape, ribbon, wire, safety pins, paper clips, paint etc.


The nice thing about these is that there is no wrong way to decorate them. There are a few steps you have to follow below for the functionality of the snow globes, but other than that, let your imagination soar (dumb phrase).

Step 1: Stick your figures/items in the jar to make sure they fit.

Step 2: Hot glue you figures to the bottom of the jar, or to the underside of the jar lid. If you are gluing to the underside of the lid, use a pair of scissors to scrap the “rubbery” surface off the lid in the place you will glue. That way the glue will have a solid grip.

Step 3: Add distilled water to the jar, leaving about an inch from the top. If you are gluing to the lid, make sure you leave room for the water to be displaced from the items once you attach the lid.

Step 4: Drop a few drops of the glycerin into the jar. I used about 4-5 drops for the small mason jars, and doubled that for the large mason jars. This makes it so that your snow will lightly fall, instead of all just sinking right away.

Step 5: Fill the rest of the jar with snow. Pour a little water over the top of the snow to make sure your jar is all the way full. Put on the lid really tightly. And shake up!

Step 6: Decorate!! I’ve added a bunch of pictures and brief descriptions below of the snow globes I made. Feel free to use any of those ideas or go in your own direction!

My Snow Globe #1: Little mailman and small tree glued to the bottom of the jar. I strung different sized silver bells around the lid and hot glued the ends on. I tied a chalkboard gift tag to the lid and wrote “To: You From: Santa”- using a white poster pen I drew a snowflake on the top of the lid.




My Snow Globe 2: I glued 3 different colored and sized trees to the bottom of this large mason jar. I cut out a circle chunk of sparkly silver ribbon and lightly hot glued it on to the top of the jar lid. I then tied a large bow around the rim of the lid with sparkly green and white striped ribbon. Are you sensing a theme? A glitter or sparkly theme? Glitter is my favorite color………!




My Snow Globe #3: This one was the most complex, but the fun thing about this one is that it’s not specific to any holiday, you could make some like these to just leave out all year.

For this one I strung on wire a bunch of random objects, including a key, button, bead, pearl, bell, flower gem and a paper clip. I scraped off the rubber surface on the underside of the lid and hot glued the ends of the wire to it. If you are using some of the items I used (paper clip, wire, bell, safety pin), be sure to cover the items with a sealant so that they don’t rust or peel in the water. I had that problem and had to switch out the water and snow. I’m going to go ahead and just recommend using twine instead of wire either way. I wrapped a few pieces of washi tape around the outside of the jar, and added strips of it to the lid as well. I wrapped a piece of twine around the rim of the lid and glued a few silver bells on. I also glued on a piece of wire around the lid and tied it in a little bow behind the bells.